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Thanks so much for stopping by Chulel Crystals & Creations! We are a husband and wife team with native Mayan and Alaskan backgrounds. We take pride in our heritage by preserving our ancestral wisdom and teachings through our creations and healing arts. Our passion for the ancient healing arts paved the way to designing and creating handmade gemstone jewelry and crystals to support your life’s journey and aid in self-healing of your emotional, physical, and spiritual energies. 


All of our unique products integrate traditional native and ancient healing arts by using different styles of loom and hand-weaving, applying classic native designs, and picking specific crystals used in cultural healing and divination purposes. These are all intentionally made and selected to cultivate self-awareness of your own natural healing abilities.


Our mission is to honor your fierce heart and the life force energy known as “Chulel” (Choo-LEL in Mayan) within you by inspiring, healing, and uplifting womxn to step into the full-fledged goddess you truly are! Our vision is to simultaneously express beauty, healing energy, and ancient wisdom in our jewelry, crystals, and native artwork.


We pay it forward by donating a portion of our profits to help preserve the traditions of native Mayan culture and communities in Guatemala.


We wish you many blessings! 

-Naomi & Nick



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